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homeowners insurance state college pa insurance in state college pa insurance in bellefonte pa Need homeowners insurance in State College, Pa, Bellefonte, Pa. and Centre County Pa?

Want an Insurance Agency in State College Pa to protect your home and property?

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Homeowner insurance policies typically cover losses or damages from: fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, lightning, hail, windstorms, snow and ice, civil disturbances, explosions, freezing of plumbing, damages from heating and air conditioning systems, aircraft, falling objects, and other causes. Homeowner’s insurance provides broad and basic coverage to handle most incidents, it’s still a good idea to get the advice of a Logan Branch insurance agent, especially if certain circumstances apply to a specific property. We offer options for homeowners insurance and property insurance to protect your valuables.

Logan Branch Insurance Company can Insure Your Family Camp, Hunting Camp and Second Vacation Homes.

A Homeowners Insurance Company in State College, Bellefonte and Centre County Pennsylvania, Logan Branch Insurance Agency will give you a fair quote to insure your hunting camp. 

Your camp is your peaceful oasis. Protect your leisure asset and get the insurance you need for your vaction home, and hunting camp. Have Logan Branch insurance agents review the policy you have to confirm you are covered if fire or accidents happen. We know how important second homes can be.

Renters Insurance in State College Pa and all of Centre County. Though similar to homeowner’s insurance, renters' insurance is designed to cover the special issues and needs exclusive to a rental property.

Remodeling Insurance for Your Home Improvement Project


For insurance coverage during a remodeling project and after it's completion, get insurance in State College, Bellefonte and anywhere in Centre County and Pennsylvania from Logan Branch Insurance Agency. We quote many kinds of home owner insurance policies for all kinds of houses and properties. Depending on the type of remodeling project, the value of your home could change and affect the amount of insurance you need. Get an insurance quote from Logan Branch Insurance Agency.

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